Monday, May 7, 2012

The Night Sky

Motel Shirley Shirt   Motel Sally Skirt  Motel Celeste Dress  Motel Jenna Dress

Topshop Nail Polish 

Wallpaper Rose Remi Necklace

Today (now yesterday) has been somewhat of a pig of a day, so rather than dwell on it, I thought I would distract myself with things of a pretty nature. As I'm sure you can tell I'm rather enamoured with Motel's new design Night Sky in the dusky grey - it looks so wonderfully soft! I absolutely adore the long sleeved shirt, it ticks all the boxes, though a big part of me wishes it was as long as the sleeveless shirt dress below. Which then starts me pining for the shirt dress. How amazing would it look with some black skinny jeans, brogues, and a big cardigan for the colder weather?? I haven't been particularly bowled over by Motel in recent months, it all got a little bright and geometric for me, but they've won me back whole heartedly with these pieces. I've also included the bodycon Jenna dress, which is great if you have the hips for it! 

Trawling through the Motel website, I've also discovered the rather wonderful black pleated skirt. (Which since yesterday, seems to have disappeared from the site!) I don't know about anyone else, I've been looking for the perfect black pleated skirt for some time, but they always seem to be too short or too long, but this length looks ideal. Saying that, it's definitely the kind of item that needs to be tried on. It's also available in a rather lovely shade of wine, should you be feeling adventurous. 

I think with the Night's Sky range I would be tempted to keep a rather neutral pallet for the rest of the outfit, but inject some colour with a muted nail polish - I love these shade from Topshop. I've then teamed the outfit with WR's Remi necklace. Initially I had in mind sailors using the stars to navigate the seas, but thinking about it now, maybe the Gabriella telescope would have been more appropriate?

Have a good Tuesday (Wednesday) - I hope for your sake you didn't have to crawl around a shop window ledge painting it. I can't wait to get home and have a big bear hug from the boyface and some kind of chocolate. 

However tomorrow (today!) I get to see Sam, Sophie and bake! Could it be any better?

I thought I would also quickly show you the two new shades of Jen tee - Charcoal Marl and Deep Indigo - which have both actually sold out now. The photos are shamefully bad as the light was fading, but when I make the next batch I will put the effort in to photographing them a little more successfully. 

If you follow me on twitter, you'll know I've been having a nightmare of a time trying to source lace collars - I've thankfully managed to order a different style of collar (still peter pan, but the lace is different) from America - I just have to hope that they're nice when they arrive! xx