Monday, May 7, 2012

Promises look good on paper, especially from you.

I recently received the loveliest of parcels from one of my favourite people, Sophie of Crown and Glory. It was particularly wonderful, as I was having somewhat of a crap day and as shallow as it may seem, receiving something pretty doesn't half make a shite day seem somewhat better! She gave me these lovely Vintage Button Bobby Pins, which I am yet to wear, but I love the detailed drawings and my much loved clay ribbed jersey turban. I think I've only taken the turban off to go to work I enjoy wearing it so much. As you may have ascertained from reading my blog, I have a head of unnatural proportions, so to find something that fits and I can wear comfortably all day is a true rarity and really quite exciting. Sophie offers all her headwear in two sizes, with the third option of custom, so even those with the fattest of heads can wear her creations! The ribbed jersey is not only a lovely shade, but very soft and without sounding too much like an old lady it really does keep your ears warm... and pins them back, should you have inherited one sticky-out ear from your Great Grandpa...

I also began to think about how I might style my turban - it took all my self restraint not to ask Sophie to bring a polka dot turban in a Louise size when she last came to visit (it's high on my list of desired purchases). I thought I would also factor in the Bitching and Junk Food shorts I won (*still waiting for their arrival) as part of the Deer Brain's birthday competition. I don't ever wear shorts, not from the lack of wanting, I just don't have the legs, however I'm being somewhat preemptive having just purchased myself one of these bad boys and telling myself that I will start jogging again tomorrow.

Urban Outfitters - Neal Cable Cardigan
Bitching and Junkfood - Remade Levis Shorts
Wallpaper Rose - Tillie Brooch
Crown and Glory - Clay Ribbed Jersey Turban
Bitching and Junkfood - Remade Levis Shorts
Wallpaper Rose - Jen Tee in Charcoal Marl
Wallpaper Rose - Perdi Key Pendant

It probably seems little strange but I've got a little obsessed with wanting to purchase a fisherman's knit sweater. There are quite a few floating around at the moment in various designs, but I quite want an oversized baggy one. I watched The Life Aquatic for the first time in a really long time last week and I'm now really fighting the desire to buy a navy one and sew on a Z.... I really do want to be part of Team Zissou. Anyway, I've found some in the sale at The Edinburgh Woollen Mill of all places (you probably think I'm 65 rather than 25 right now) and I'm debating which to purchase! Most the time I live in jeans, so I'm not sure if navy is the right move, I really like the burnt orange shade, but I prefer the longer shape of the other ones. Currently I'm leaning towards the bottle green - but then my Mum is still knitting me her own version of the UO green cardigan in the outfit above (yes it was meant to be a birthday present and yes my birthday was in January. It's just how we roll).... I don't know. Any thoughts? I've also realised that I didn't mention, when putting this outfit together that I was really inspired by Gem and her styling of the WR Jen Tee - layering the collar with a round neck jumper brings it into a whole new realm of wearability - especially while the weather is still chilly!

The wonderful Mr Bill Murray/ Steve Zissou

Boots - River Island and So You Shoes.

And just a little aside, or perhaps a call for advice, I love the two pairs of River Island boots pictured above, but can't at the moment justify the price tag. As they're not leather, I'd rather not really pay anymore than £20-£25. I'm trawling ebay at the moment, but does anyone know of any good sites for this kind of boot leaning towards the cheap?

I hope everyone is well. I'm about to start a Jen Tee sewing mission, though my mind keeps getting carried away by the thought of starting my quilt. I would love it if anyone could recommend any online fabric shops or any in London - I'm a little anxious to start sourcing material! Hopefully I should have some new jewellery pieces up on the website in the next couple of weeks too.