Monday, May 7, 2012

Surprise Surprise

About two or perhaps three Friday's ago now (yes, that is how long I've been writing this post) I had the most wonderful surprise of walking into my living room to be greeted by two of my favourite people, Sophie and Sam

Somewhat ashamedly there was probably an amount of squealing and a few tears on my part - ever the embarrassment as I hadn't seen Sam since before Christmas and Sophie since Graduation back in September! I would like to add, both had lied to me a few days previously, when I tried to arrange to get them both to come and visit our new flat, they had hit me with a barrage of refusals because of time and money! It transpired it had been arranged as a surprise since we hadn't been able to do anything for my birthday back in January and my god what a surprise it was! 

They even had code names.

We literally had the best weekend! It mainly consisted of eating fine foods (above Wagamama's, below Belgo!) drinking copious amounts - alas I have no photographic evidence of the jager bombs and generally an all round good time! Sam had also knitted us the most amazing cushion (yes cushion!) and a bobble hat, which I promise to photograph soon and Sophie gave us the most lovely cake stand, which you can just about see in a photo further down, which I can't wait to photograph jewellery on! Though I can tell you the only thing prettier than he cake stand, is the cake stand covered in Millie's cookies. Which it was. And truth be told I think I probably ate 75% of them. 

Monday Monday - Valentine's Day Souffle

Charlie and I aren't especially 'Valentine's' people, we're both strongly of the mind set that we don't need someone to tell us when we should express our love for each other, especially with a god awful card and some cliche roses, so it's rare that we will do something of a valentine's nature. However Charlie did cook me dinner, which was utterly lovely. When we went to Paris at the end of last year we went to the most amazing Souffle restaurant (I say amazing, I hadn't ever had souffle before, so didn't have anything to compare it to, though I would say it's possibly the best meal I've ever had out!) and since then we've been vowing to learn how to cook souffles. Anyway, on the Monday after a long trek up and down Islington after work looking for ramekins, Charlie cooked us the finest of cheese souffles which we will undoubtably be cooking again!

NEW to Wallpaper Rose - everything has been a bit hectic (as per usual it seems) so I haven't had much of a chance to sit down and make some new pieces - which I'm absolutely desperate to do soon, but here are a couple of pieces I made when I managed to steal a couple of hours to myself!

Rainy Days -Last weekend it absolutely poured down all Saturday,so everything we had intended to do, failed somewhat. So instead the boy and I decided to embrace a 'home day', remaining in pajamas and baking! Below are some photos of the lovely carrot cake and savory muffins we made. Both are recipes from the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook - a really good investment if you have a jonesing for carrot cake as it turned out really well.

In other news, I found out in the same wonderful weekend when my friends were down that I had won the DEERBRAINS first birthday giveaway! (They ran a separate competition for the guys) Which was absolutely insane - so a massive thank you to them! So far I've received these lovely mittens and necklace from Lazy oaf. I'm particularly excited by the Models Own nail polish and the Remade Levi Bitchy shorts, I can't wait for those to arrive in the post. I'll keep you updated as things arrive.

Lazy Oaf are actually having a sale at the moment and I am a little bit in love with this sweater but alas even with 25% off it's still well out of my price range, but do go and check them out!

And that brings me pretty much up to date! I hope everyone is having a rather lovely weekend- I think I'm about to be roped into some kind of DIY... wish me luck x