Monday, May 7, 2012

Time rolls the back wheels of my mind

Weekend in Images
I apologise for my absence, this last week has just been hectic busy, but here, essentially is my weekend!

Shall I explain?

On Saturday, Charlie and I drove to deepest, darkest Wales for the Wedding of Sarah Hannah Rodgers and Brendan David Hill! The wedding was lovely, Sarah looked stunning and Brendan was wearing a brown cordroy suit, what more can I say?! I wish I had actual photos to show you, however once we left the church, it absolutely poured down - I'm not sure how everyone else managed to stay looking rather wonderful, but I resembled a drowned rat. (I ran to the car - in heels, increasing my soaked appearance and threw my camera in the boot) The picture above was an outfit test the day before (the lighting was horrible, hence the black and white status- I've realised I'm incapable of true blogging style outfit posts. Not only do I always look awful in photos  and I don't have a large enough blank space anywhere in the house. Hence the rather weird 'sat on bed shot'. I guess I'm not going to be a popular fashion blogger then!)

Sadly this means there are no photos on me wearing the rather wonderful Iron and Wine bobby pin set I was kindly sent by Crown and Glory. (The only way I could try to salvage my appearance after situation: Rain was tie my hair up with an elastic band. Yes, literally an elastic band, it was all I could find) Anyway, the wedding was really Autumnal in feeling - golden leaves were scattered along the reception tables and created centre pieces. Charlie and I had a great, if long day and I can only hope it was thoroughly enjoyed by Brendan and Sarah.

Charlie and I then trekked back to London on Sunday from mine, by the time we got there I was so hungry and desperate to pee we stopped at Ikea and indulge in hot dogs. (50p for a veggie hot dog smothered in Ikea mustard - wonderful!) When we finally got home we crashed out with House and an Indian (after Charlie showed me how to make books! Once I've perfected this, I'll probably blog about it...)

On Monday I went and met a friend I literally haven't seen in nearly three years and it was so unbelievably great to see her. We spent the day catching up while being 'cultural' and visited the Tate Modern and Britain. The Muybridge exhibition is excellent, I thoroughly recommend visiting. It's so vast and the images so beautiful up close. We did conclude that we had actually gone around the exhibition backwards, however this certainly didn't taint our enjoyment of it! (We also went to a great place called Leon's for lunch -  The Sweet Potato Falafel wrap was amazing!)

Then on Tuesday I headed to Covent Garden for a little Christmas shopping, where I rather naughtily purchased myself the lovely lavender Topshop Snood I've coveted for quite some time! (It's been out of stock online for ages, so when I saw it I rather impulsively just bought it.) I also purchased these rather wonderful earrings. I know they lean towards the gaudy, but I love the Art Nouveau-esque shape and the colour combination. I've realised when I make my own jewellery I have a tendency to lean towards shades of the same colour. These earrings have made me realise I should perhaps be a little more adventurous with my colour choices, I may even try to make a necklace to accompany these! (I can't wait to wear them in Paris!) I then headed back to Highgate to meet Charlie from work for Lunch, we went to a great place called Dim T. I've never been before, but it was lovely. (Sorry, this blog post is ridiculously food based! The Sweet Coconut with tofu noodle bar was incredible! I don't think I've ever eaten out so much in one weekend, I need to get back on the running!) Then I caught the train home.

In the last few weeks I've realised that I feel like I haven't experienced Autumn for years. I've been so snowed under with Uni work and the stress I always managed to attach to it, that I don't think I left the house much and if I did, I wasn't paying attention! The landscape is just beautiful at the moment, especially when it's accompanied with crisp, cold weather - I'm starting to think it might be my favourite time of the year. I'm heading back to London this weekend, which Charlie and I fully intend to spent relaxing (last weekend was so hectic!) but hopefully if the weather is nice, we can take Archie for a walk to Kenwood and I'll actually be able to take my camera to capture Autumn (and wear my snood.)