Monday, May 7, 2012

I see a wilderness for you and me

The beautiful Jazmine of Jazzabelle's Diary, wore WRJ's Audrey necklace in her post, 'I believe more in the scissors than I do the pencil'. (Could she have found a more apt quote? I feel not!) She teamed the sewing themed necklace with an oversized chunky knit, pairing with jeans is a similar shade, lovely grey marl tee and turban style headband. She's stylishly rocking the comfortable look and I love it.

I feel pretty awful as I can't remember if I shared with you the lovely Lily of LLYMLRS wearing WRJ's Florence necklace. She featured the necklace in her 'Drummer Boy' post back at the beginning of September. She looks absolutely radiant in her cute polka dot playsuit and red cardigan combo. Florence works really well with her rosary beads.

Currently I find seeing how people are styling themselves via their blogs is my greatest fashion inspiration and it really is lovely to see how people work Wallpaper Rose into their look and make it there own.

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