Monday, May 7, 2012

Sally Mann

My God.
I think it's about time for some photography!

If you don't know the work of Sally Mann, please please take the time to check it out! Mann produces stunning black and white photographs using a large format camera. Her show The Family and the Land is currently being exhibited at the Photographers' Gallery in London, until mid September, though I'm hoping my partner in crime and I might be able to go and visit it this weekend! I was mortified that I missed her talk when the show opened in June, sadly it was due to my own stupidity- I thought it was in July, so missed out on getting tickets.

Mann was rocketed to prominence with her body of work, Immediate Family (1984-1994) an intense series of intimate portraits of her three, then young, children. The work was considered controversial due to her unique portrayal of children.

Her books are captivating - (I only actually own Immediate Family, this is possibly a situation I may need to rectify!) so I can only imagine how beautiful her prints will be in real life. I've actually got a renewed sense of excited at the thought of going to see the show! If you would like to see the work yourself, the Photographers' Gallery is situated on Ramillies Street, just off Oxford Street. Though be warned- it's closed on a Monday... I've made that mistake before!