Monday, May 7, 2012

La Belle Juliette

I thought you guys might like to see a few photos from our whirlwind trip to Paris! We made the rookie mistake of not photographing the hotel room before we threw our stuff all over it, but it was utterly incredible. I had such a good birthday, I cannot tell you!

To quickly sum up, Charlie, Sam and I went to the Breakfast Club for an epic breakfast, then after madly packing we traveled to St. Pancras. Sam went home to Birmingham and Charlie and I boarded the Euro Star. We arrived about 7.30ish in the evening and headed straight to our hotel, La Belle Juliette - which for the record is the fanciest place I have ever been! In the next 24 hours we dined on souffles, pastries and bread (we had a particularly good pistachio swirl type thing) we visited Merci (sadly it doesn't have it's own website), Le Bon Mache, the Pompidou, the Musee d'art et metier, with a lot of exploring and walking in-between.

It was a little drizzle-y, but still beautiful. Though I'm still mildly terrified of a) getting trapped in the Metro door and/or b) being run over, their road rules make no sense to me! I'm afraid the photos don't do it justice (most are of the phone variety) but you can see a few images from my last trip here. It really was the most insanely generous birthday gift, I still can't really believe that we went.

You can also still enter my birthday giveaway, it ends on Tuesday.