Monday, May 7, 2012

Running on Empty

Sorry to have been MIA again, things continue to be hectic.

However if you were waiting with baited breath, two lovely ladies have been chosen as winners for the Blog Birthday Giveaway. Lisa of Mathilde ♥ Manech won first prize and Amy of Amy Valentine won the runner's up gift - they've both already written posts about the giveaway, so do go and have a look. If you didn't win, never fear, Wallpaper Rose is turning two in a few weeks and they'll be another giveaway to celebrate. Again, I would like to say a massive thank you to the ladies who contributed to such a special prize - Sophie, Lavinia, Isobel, Katie, Jess, Lyzi, Emily and Sophie.

In other news, I started a new internship a few weeks ago doing jewellery production for Tatty Devine. It's pretty inspiring, if not incredibly tiring! Sadly I can't actually tell you about anything I've made, as it's all part of the new Autumn/Winter collection, but I'll probably do a post on my favourite classic Tatty pieces in the not too distant future. Though it does now mean Thursday is my only day off and alas I spent most of today tidying the flat - joy. It also means I start most sentences with "I'm really tired" - I've become such an old person/ bore, I'm pretty lucky anyone talks to me at all.

This week also marks the second birthday of Smug. We had a press event yesterday evening as a means of launching the host of exclusives that have been created with Smug to celebrate being two. It went really well and was all terribly exciting, mainly because there were canapes, a lady from Vogue and I got to meet Donna Wilson! (Little things and little minds spring to well, mind) Lizzie who owns Smug worked so damn hard and really made the whole evening happen. (I never know what to wear to things like this, at heart I'm awfully inelegant, but I opted for a black shift dress, with my Nancy lace bib necklace. I had heels, but they quietly remained behind the counter for the entire evening) As everyone loves a party, we're continuing the celebrations on Saturday, when we'll properly unveil the new exclusives (keep your eyes peeled on our window display!) with Thornback and Peel tea towel deals and cake in the yard. So if you're in the Angel/Islington area you should definitely come and see us!

And finally, I have a photograph in the Islington Arts Factory Summer Salon! Unfortunately I don't think I'm going to be able to make the private view tomorrow evening, but if you fancy taking a look, here are the details:

An if you want to see the photo, look for umbrellas, lots of umbrellas....