Monday, May 7, 2012

High Summer - Little Fille

I'm sure if you read my blog, even just on the odd occasion, you'll have picked up on my rather huge love of Little Fille. So it will come as no surprise that I was hugely excited to hear about the launch of the new High Summer Collection. (Bows in colour co-ordinated piles - who could ask for more?!) 

Little Fille is the creation of the rather wonderful Mari Santos, who's multi-functional headpieces can now be found gracing the walls of Topshop's Flagship store on Oxford Street. It's always inspiring to have contact with someone like Mari, who with hard work and great idea has managed to transcend the small online shop and reach the mass market with her creativity. And like a little bow of recognistion, two of her head pieces were featured in last Sunday's Style Magazine in this summer-vintage inspired shoot.

Mari really kindly sent me two pieces from her most recent collection, Bettie - a two-way, polka dot turban and Emma - a fresh water pearl headband with detachable bow. (Though I have a green version, which isn't available online!) Bettie is perfect for day wear, but the fresh water pearls of Emma make it ideal for dressing up an outfit on a night out. I've always wanted to rock a head bow like Zooey Deschanel in 300 Days of Summer (I'm pretty sure Sophie and I discussed this in great depths about a year ago) and now I do... well, try is more accurate.
(I would like to take the time to apologise, this post features more of my face than I would ever care to show, but I wanted to demonstrate the loveliness of my headbands. Also, for a photography graduate, my ability to take self portraits is shocking, hence the joy of photobooth.)

This is my Emma bow and my Betty headband from the Winter collection - I still adore the cord knot detailing, a strike of genius on Mari's part, in my opinion!

And if the new collection in all it's colour bright and floral loveliness isn't appealing enough, Mari is offering either a free bow clip (yes FREE and not available to buy!) or 50% off your favourite headband online, when you purchase a headband from Topshop Oxford Circus and scan in the receipt and email her! (She's a complete doll)

Surely there couldn't be a better reason to take a trip to Topshop?!

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