Monday, May 7, 2012


"It's coming on Christmas
They're cutting down trees
They're putting up reindeer
And singing songs of joy and peace
I wish I had a river
I could skate away on"
Joni Mitchell - River

This is the Wallpaper Rose Jewellery CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY!
Enter for the chance to win Lorna, a large floral purse locket, with tea and love letter charms and a lovely pair of dark indigo Esme earrings - new to Wallpaper Rose!

To enter:

- You must be a follower of this blog.
- Please leave your email address so that I can contact you.
- Any tweeting will be massively appreciated, but won't provide extra entries.
- And I'd love to know which piece of WRJ you would like to see in your stocking!
- A winner will be chosen at random - possibly by, but more than likely a name will be picked from a tea pot - it's just more enjoyable!
- The draw will close on the 20th December - good luck!