Monday, May 7, 2012

Nixie and Tea

Crown and Glory Nixie Clips - No longer available

Crown and Glory Review

I know I rave about Crown and Glory on a regular basis, but technically I've been a little slack! A little while we did another product swap - C&G's Nixie clips for WRJ's Babushka necklace. I'm afraid I'm somewhat late in telling you about this lovely purple floral set as they've since been discontinued! I adore the dark pinky-purple flower and it works really well with the paler lilac bloom - what I particularly enjoy about the Crown and Glory clips are their versatility. (I'm sure I've told you about my hair band big head issue! - so clips are just perfect) They can be worn singularly or in groups and  I really enjoy wearing them when I pile my hair up. (I'm not big on photos of me, but Sophie asked for a photo for Crown and Glory's facebook page, so I apologise for spazzy face-ness)

I was particularly delighted on friday to come home and discover that the lovely Sophie had also sent me the cute Time for Tea Bobby Pin set! (isn't she wonderful?) I haven't had the chance to wear them yet, but I'm currently working in a Tea Shop, so I don't think they could be any more perfect!

I've also included a photo of all my floral Crown and Glory pieces - mainly because they're just so gosh darn pretty. If you have the chance do take a look at their website, not only do they have some seriously pretty new pieces (The Golden Dewdrops are fueling my current enjoyment of Autumn)
but Crown and Glory are offering Wallpaper Rose readers an exclusive 15% discount! 

Just enter 'WALLPAPERROSE' at the checkout! (Valid until 31st October 2010) x