Monday, May 7, 2012

Lavina's Tea party

A friend of mine, the lovely Lavinia has just set up a rather wonderful business - Lavina's Tea Party.

Trust me.
It's as exciting as it sounds!
Essentially she's running a vintage china hire online shop for all your tea party needs! Despite the early on set of Winter (eg rain) I'm still in love with the romantic notion of tea parties and have an undying attraction to all things floral. Situated in the Cotswolds, Lavinia will also cater for local areas (see website for details), and having lived with the lady in question I know she makes some of the best cakes in town!
Personally I'm particularly coveting her cake stands - I've wanted one for ages to photograph my jewellery on. Sadly I don't currently have the finances to warrant buying one, however since I started writing this post a few days ago (things got hectic...) Lavina has releases a Trio Range - a tea cup, saucer and plate - for a mere £8 I'm mentally debating whether I can afford one (they're so pretty!) 
These are my current favourites:

(I apologise for the strange colours of the photos - I used picnik, which is great for the rounded corners, but I should have messed around with the colours in photoshop instead!)

ANYWAY Lavinia's Tea Party can also be found on facebook here.

I know I showed you these recently, but they seem rather appropriate...