Monday, May 7, 2012

Varsity Blues - Wishful Wednesday

Varsity Bomber - Urban Outiftters (£75)
Acid Wash Rose Tee - Topshop (£22)
Celia Necklace - Wallpaper Rose Jewellery (Coming Soon)
Ruthie Bracelet - Wallpaper Rose Jewellery
Fox Fuchsia Nail Polish - Models Own
Magenta Pearl Nail Polish - Models Own

Varsity Blues

Today I'm feeling slouchy, so I've put together a comfortable, casual outfit. Wear it with rolled to the ankle skinny jeans and some brown leather sandals. Perfect for the not quite Summer, not yet Winter weather we appear to be having!

I've always had an attraction to baseball/ varsity style jackets and all of a sudden it seems they're available in shops! I absolutely love the maroon shade of this Urban Outfitters jacket, sadly the price rockets it out of budget, but it doesn't make it any less lovely. I can imagine this outfit looking great, but I'm not sure I've done it justice with the way I've put it together - I promise a better outfit post next week!

I've just received some Compass Charms which I'm very excited to make into jewellery soon... hopefully I'll get some new pieces on here soon. x