Monday, May 7, 2012

Super Superficial

Although Paul and John haven't spoken since, they often cast their minds back to the warmth of that embrace at Jenny's infamous party.

Jean [stroking his chin]: Ah, un bateau perdu sur la mer.

John [incredulous]: Don’t be so absurd! It’s a boat lost at sea.

Mildred was happy that she had landed the air traffic control job at Terminal 5 but she was beginning to regret embellishing her CV to read “champion of the skies.” Thankfully, her boss had been too busy with the swarms of protestors to notice.

People always talk of how clearly you can see the stars from the Bolivian Salt Flats. John was shocked into silence when he began to see the constellations of aggressive predators from the animal kingdom

It wasn’t quite the answer the recruitment consultant was expecting, but she had to admit that it probably was an accurate summation of her candidate’s personality.

Air Commander Victor Roger kept his side of the bargain by remaining as still as possible as he sat for his portrait. However, Alberto the artist found it very difficult to keep his brush steady given he was strapped to the wing of a jet fighter and subject to extreme g-forces.

Buzz began the press conference by announcing: “I can finally reveal that there is life in space. And judging by the artefacts I recovered, displayed here before you, I can also reveal that life is rubbish out there too.”

Daniel, the modelling agent, struggled to find the right words after being presented with this application for "family" work. In the end he settled for: “there’s certainly a look. If we have any shoots requiring gypsies and stiffs, I’ll be sure to call.”

Super Superficial is a great little shop that sells amazing, really individual tees, hoodies and sweaters. Based in Covent Garden and Carnaby, London (they also sell online) they use designs from Artists across the globe, featuring quirky ideas and designs.  They also encourage the public to send in their own illustrations for consideration to be made into t-shirts.

I bought the 'I Hate Fancy Dress Parties' tee for my boyfriend about a year ago and he still loves wearing it. It really is refreshing to find somewhere that doesn't churn out mass, commercial designs that saturate most clothes shops. They've recently relaunched their website and I believe they've re-designed their stores as well, so I can't wait for my next trip to Covent Garden to check it out. They also house Gallery 7 downstairs, which every so often hosts a show. I was lucky enough to see 'I married a toyboy' Convict by Louise Zergaeng Pomeroy last year, which was fantastic.

If you're in either the Covent Garden or Carnaby area of London, I urge you to go and check either of their shops out, or if not take a look online here for some really exciting t-shirts.

PS I completely forgot to mention how much I love the little stories that go with each design!