Monday, May 7, 2012

Jean Genie

Motel Jean Dress - Peach/Black Polka with Wallpaper Rose Mabel Necklace.

Motel Jean Dress - Classic Stripe with Wallpaper Rose Tabitha Necklace.

Motel Jean Dress - Black Lace with Wallpaper Rose Pearl Necklace.

I'm sure most of you have heard of the rather lovely Motel, taking the internet by storm with their beautiful, vintage inspired dresses and apparel, also to be located in their Flag Ship store in Bristol. I'm very lucky to currently have a selection of Wallpaper Rose Jewellery in their store, amidst their clothing and vintage finds. With their website being one I regularly visit, swooning over the pretty dresses I can't currently afford, I thought I might start a regular feature, teaming some of my favourite dresses with some of my favourite pieces of WR jewellery. I'd love to know what you think!

Today's feature is the Jean Dress, it combines a comfortable high-waisted cotton jersey skirt, with a slightly looser vest top. As Motel says, it's the perfect day to night dress, changed merely with accessories, working perfectly with a denim jacket or blazer and costing £35.

The first is a peach and black polka dot 19050's version, which I've teamed with Mabel. Mabel features a small pocket watch in antique gold with a rose detail on the front, this is hung on a long chain, with small rose and heart charms, and pale white Swarovski crystal. The lenght also makes it ideal to team with further necklaces, should you desire the layered look!

The second look is for all those sea-fairing lovers, the nautical look is still here to stay and perfect for the summer. The navy blue skirt and striped top combo works perfectly with Tabitha, again a long necklace, with large anchor charm, small rose and a pacific ocean Swarovski crystal all hung from a pearl.

The third and final look today is the black lace Jean dress, currently on special offer to all Motel Rock's VIP members (just sign up to the website, and receive regular updates on special offers and new stock!). The pretty lace top makes it perfect for a sophisticated night out, and possibly an instant classic with 'little black dress' status. This dress is so versatile that it would have pretty much suited any of Wallpaper Rose's jewellery, but I decided upon pairing it with Pearl. A little book locket, hung with a key, heart, Swarovski crystal and pearl, I feel the muted metal shades really work well with the dress's subtle detail.

Anyway, I hope you're all enjoying the sun - I'm planning a cup of tea sat outside, then back on with unpacking my bomb site of a room! x